I believe that children and young people are the gems of our society. They should be given every opportunity to grow and develop in to well balanced happy citizens. Children and students learn best when their emotions are settled and they are in a calm and confident state.

There are times however, when we all have to deal with emotionally challenging situations which are often unavoidable. These may be either in the home or school environment and can make even the happiest child lose focus and confidence. Challenges may stem from some of the following:

  • parental divorce
  • sibling rivalry
  • exam and study stress
  • bullying at school or online
  • bereavement
  • trauma or abuse

Any of these challenges are likely to cause mild to severe anxiety in children and young people. As a result, several areas of life may be affected for this child or young person, creating barriers to learning and keeping them from achieving their full potential in education.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP can help with any of the above issues by managing a person’s emotional state,  empowering them to manage the situation in a much more positive way.

In my opinion, the wonderful thing about NLP is that during therapy, although I have to ask initially the cause and nature of concern, we do not have to keep focussing on this repeatedly in the following sessions. By focussing on negative past events, the client has to relive their stress again and again often causing more upset. Techniques and tools that are offered in NLP are all forward focussed and goal orientated so that the client can move on and concentrate on living a life without the present worries.

NLP is very powerful in that it can change a client’s outlook, mind set and perception on life’s challenges, thereby significantly reducing stress and anxiety levels.

NLP has been applied successfully in the corporate world and many other fields including education since the nineteen seventies. NLP4Kids has adapted the programmes for children, parents and teachers too. In today’s society of increasing stress and anxiety levels, and extensive waiting lists for invaluable free services such as CAHMS, this is a priceless therapy to utilise.

I am very proud to be able to offer my services as an NLP4Kids practitioner with the intention of improving lives in the West Midlands area.

I look forward to hearing from you if you may need my help. 🙂