In my work with NLP4Kids I provide practical solutions to help children overcome emotional challenges, to increase confidence and self esteem and therefore enable children to reach a greater learning potential.

Common problems for children include: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Exam stress e.g. 11+ examinations, GCSE’s or specialist subject exams.
  • Lack of Confidence Caused by natural shyness or life experiences.
  • Low Self Esteem e.g. Self doubt, lack of assertiveness, negative beliefs, sensitivity.
  • Bereavement- when loved ones leave us there is often a void in our lives – learning to manage emotions around this is important so feelings are not left unresolved.
  • Parents Divorce Or any other kind of changes in home life can also cause disruption to an ordinarily balanced emotional state.

My skills are designed and adapted from the effective techniques in NLP to help children to become better able to manage their own emotional states, to become inspired and motivated by the learning opportunities that are offered to them. The techniques I use are delivered in a way that is fun and comprehensible for children, encouraging them to co-operate more effectively with others as well as improving their confidence and commitment when working individually.

Once your consultation is booked I will send you an email with bank transfer details, address, etc…

A discussion together about what the challenges are – after which we both decide whether we can work through them or not.

Payable by cash or transfer (each session must be paid upfront).

On average a child would only need about 4-6 sessions to see a marked difference – sometimes this may be extended to a few more if  necessary – however this varies from child to child so it’s best to evaluate if sessions are working rather than focus on time limits and the number of sessions.